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Soal tentang Simple Present Tense & Present Continuous Tense

Exercise 3
  1. I am not looking for my book, but I’m looking for my pen.
  2. She is cooking in the garden.
  3. He is working at home, but not working at the office.
  4. It is eating any food.
  5. They are getting married this year.
  6. We are reading a book, we are looking at some photos.
  7. Shelly is singing a song.
  8. Mr. Brown is talking on his phone, but not talking on his hand phone.
  9. The children are going to school, they are on holiday.
  10. The cat is running, not walking.

Exercise 4
1.   A: What are you writing?
      B: A letter. (I’m writing a letter.)
2.   A: Is Ali reading a book?
      B: No, he isn’t (Ali isn’t reading a book.)
3.   A: what is Anna doing?
      B: eating lunch            (Anna is eating lunch.)
4.   A: Where is she eating lunch?
      B : At the red bird café. (She’s eating lunch at the red bird café.)
5.   A: is Mike drinking a cup of coffe?
      B: No, he isn’t             (Mike isn’t drinking a cup of coffee.)

Exercise 5

  1. I (walk) walk to school every day. I (take, not) do not takethe bus.
  2. I (read) read the newspaper every day. I (read, not) do not readmy grammar book every day.
  3. A: What (you, read) are you reading right now ?
      B: I (read) am reading my grammar book.
  1. Robert (cook) cooks his own dinner everyday.
  2. Right now Robert is in the kitchen. He (cook)iscooking rice and beans.
  3. Robert is a vegetarian. He (eat, not) does not eat meat.
  4. (you, cook) Do you cook your own dinner every day ?
  5. A: (you, want) Do you want your coat ?
      B: Yes.
  1. Ahmed (talk) talks to his classmates every day in class. Right now he (talk) is talking to Yoko.
  2. A: (Tom, have) Does Tom have a black hat ?
      B: Yes
      A: (he, wear) Does he wearit every day ?
      B: No
      A: (he, wear)  is he wearing it right now ?
      B: I (know, not) do not know. Why do you care about Tom’s hat ?
      A: I found a hat in my apartment. Someone left it there. I (think) think that it belongs to   
  1. Yoko and Ahmed (sit) sit next to each other in class every day, so they often (help) help each other with their grammar exercises. Right now Yoko (help) is helping Ahmed with an exercise on present tense.
  2. It(rain) rain a lot in this city, but it(rain, not) is not raining right now. The sun(shine) is shining
      (it, rain) is it raining in your home town ?
  1. Toney's family(eat) eat dinner at the same time every day. During dinner time, Toney's mother (let, not) does not let the children talk on the phone.
  2. A: Hello?
      B: Hello. This is Mike. Is Tony There ?
      A: Yes, but he can’t come to the phone right now. He(eat) is eating dinner. Can he call
      you back in about ten minutes ?
      B: Sure. Thanks. Bye.
      A: Bye.
  1. A: What are you doing ? (you, work) are you working on your English paper?
      B: No, I (study, not) im not studying . I (write) writing a letter for my sister.
      A: (you, write) Do you write to her often ?
      B: I (write, not) do notwritea lot of letters to anyone.
      A: (She, write) Doe she write to you often ?
      B: Yes. I (get) get a letter from her about once a week. (You, write) Do you write a lot of letters ?
      A: Yes. I (like) like to write letters.
  1. Olga is a pilot for an airline company in Alaska. She (fly) flies almost every day.
      Today she (fly) flying from Juno to Anchorage.
  1. A: Where (the teacher, stand, usually) does the teacher usually stand every day ?
      B: She usually (stand) stands in front of the room every day.
      A: Where (she, stand) is she standingtoday ?
      B: She (stand) standing in the middle of the room.
  1. A: Excuse me. (you, wait) are you waiting for the downtown bus ?
      B: Yes, I (be) am being. Can I help you ?
      A: Yes. What time (the bus, stop)is the bus stophere ?
      B: Ten thirty.
  1. A: (animals, dream) Do you know that animals dream ?
      B: I don’t know. I suppose so. Animals (be, not) does not bevery
      different from human beings in lots of ways.
      A: Look at my dog. She (sleep) sleeping. Her eyes (be)isbeingclosed.
      At the same time, she (yip) and (move) yipping and moving her head and her front legs. I (be) am being sure that she (dream) dreaming right now. I’m sure that animals (dream) dreams.

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